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A man in a superman tshirt, lifting the heck out of some weights in workout klub Kokkedal.

Banazir was commissioned to create a homepage for a local fitness club Workout Klub Kokkedal. The task was simple. Make it quick and dirty. This was a fun job because it allowed me to skip some of the documentation and research I usually do, and get a functional site up and running as quick as possible. 

Points of interest

The Workout klub Kokkedal homepage was to be used as a communication link between the users of the club and the administration. So an easy to use and find comment box was important. The design was to be snazzy and professional. I used fonts and colors that inspired movement and discipline. Further more information about signing up to the club as well as club usage rules were to be easily found. Finally a Mailchimp account was synced with the site, so users could sign up to newsletters, allowing for administration to easily inform users of club updates. 


It was new for me to set up a Mailchimp account that catered newsletters to so many subscribers. Finding an easy way to upload all the e-mail addresses and names was a bit of a challenge, but Mailchimp had a good tutorial inline. Security when dealing with so many users private emails was important too, and it was a priority to set up reCAPTCHA on both Contact form and the newsletter signup form. 

Many of the users of the WOK are of other nationalities than Danish, and therefore a solution was needed to translate the page for them as easily and accurately as possible. I chose to use GTranslate; A plugin that allows users to click on their flag of choice to change the language of the page. The plugin uses Google translate, so translations can be at times lacking. All in all, it was the best free solution to the challenge of multi language users. 


the administration of WOK as well as the users have given positive feedback on the site. Considering that the whole project, from purchase of the domain to fished site was done in a little over a week the costs where able to be kept at a absolute minimum. So a very satisfactory result all around. 

Images taken for the website by Banazir

Level of skill used in this project

Text, posts, images 50%
Custom CSS, theme, WP, plugins 30%
Logo design, Layout, fonts and colors 60%
Door with writing on it welcoming users to the WOK

See the finished site

Visit the finished website to get an feel for the use of color and font, as well as layout to represent a fitness center located in a basement. Tell me waht you think here.

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