Happy Faun

An exercise in organic modelling. The models position was locked, but it was up to us to free model a creature of our own design on top. The model is textured and rendered in Maya with Arnold and Ai-standard shaders. https://youtu.be/l5UqPDdo6iw Software Used Z-Brush Maya DaVinci Resolve Contact me!


Show Reel

A show-reel showcasing the work of the semester at Truemax Academy Copenhagen. The video is cut in DaVinci Resolve. This also functioned as our exam project, as it was deemed as a useful skill to be able to put together a relevant and informative show-reel. https://youtu.be/tb7WaU5jAwE Software used Maya DaVinci…


Old me

This was an exercise in modelling and hair/fur generation. This was a project in where we were introduced to X-gen in Maya for hair generation. The model is made in Z-brush, and the hair generated in X-gen, Maya. Textured with Maya Ai-standard surface shaders. It is rendered with the Arnold…


Dragon Fun

This was an exercise in modeling and texturing to reference. In this case the reference was a concept art of a dragon. We modelled in Z-brush over a week, and then textured in Substance painter over several days. It is rendered in Autodesk Maya, with the Arnold renderer. https://youtu.be/vCcqo8ZGViI Software…


Pirate Island

An exercise in texturing with Substance Painter. This Pirate Island was textured in Substance Painter. the idea was to practice texturing within a time limit, so the island was given to us pre-modeled. It was meant to to teach us to work with layers within Substance to build up texture…


Chimp Bust

An exercise in modelling a chimp bust from the skull and out in Z-brush. We were introduced to the anatomy of a humanoid skull. The model started with a model of a chimp skull from image reference. We then built the muscles and skin as well as features on top.…


That's it folks

More to come later