My services

I offer website design and creation using WordPress as a framework. I can build your site from the idea phase all the way to a functioning page. I am educated within the field of content design so, that includes everything within the page, text, images, video. Everything to bring your message across. Some of the areas in which I can create or improve your digital web page or message:

Computer code on screen, to represent coding.

Let's create your digital message now

Take the first step in expressing yourself digitally. Get in touch with me, and we can discus how we are going to work together to reach your goals. Price is negotiated individually, but is always very reasonable.

5 steps to creating a website

  1. Develop empathy for your user. First one decides from either experience or research who the target group is. It is important to be open minded. The users are not always who we think they are. Once this is decided one can conduct interviews with and observe your users in order to develop an idea of what their pains and gains are. 
  2. Take you data gathered from step one and crunch the numbers. Use tools like brainstorming and world building, as well as design techniques like moodboards to channel your data into ideas and possibilities of transforming your users pains into gains. 
  3. Build you layout with wireframes and a styleguide. Test it with prototypes to see where you are missing the mark. Maybe using Adobe XD at this point will give you flexibility in quick n dirty prototyping. Information architecture is the art of making your information available and logical to your user. This is the time to start creating this struture and test it out. 
  4. Build your website. Get a domain if you don’t have one. Think about the name. it’s the first thing people see. You need a host for this. I use Yayhosting, because the customer service is impeccable, and everyone can get into a bind once and a while. Use a framework tool like WordPress or harcode it yourself. When your ready upload it to make it live. Make sure all links work. Implement your style and color choices. Your layout architecture. Time to test it again. Do something like a gangster-test to see where people are gravitating towards or where they are getting stuck, and fix it. 
  5. Time to rinse and repeat! Start from the beginning and use design thinking to unravel and optimize trouble areas. Use tools like google analytics to monitor trafik and trends to your site. Remember to check your SEO with sites like Neil Patel. Technically you are done and can take a breather!