Internship with IWCS Denmark

Intercom equipment found at the Internship with IWCS Denmark

In order to finish of the education of Multimedia designer from Cph-business in Denmark, it is necessary to complete a 3 month internship at a relevant business of our own choice. After several e-mail correspondences I chose to go with the Danish Company IWCS (Iridium Waterproof Communication Systems). An exciting company that specializes in creating intercom setups for hardcore professional users, such as the Danish coastguard and fire department, as well as some military and police installations. I made a good choice and my stay at IWCS was both exciting, informative, and challenging in the best possible way. Let me say it this way; I don’t think I got one cup of coffee for the boss, that says a lot of a internship.

Points of interest

My internship with IWCS allowed me to get involved with many aspects of the running of the companies marketing and webpage divisions. My fellow intern and I were allowed a controlling role in almost all marketing descisions made under our internship, with the support and guidance of the head director of marketing. This was a unique possibility to grow and learn, and I feel very lucky to have had that opportunity. Every morning was started of with a meeting in which the goals in general and for the day where mapped. During the day we two interns gave feedback as to which goals we could realistically meet and the approximate time needed to do so. The cooperation and work environment I experienced at IWCS was inspirational and I would advise any other students withing marketing and design to apply for an internship as IWCS. 

Challenges met

The first area in which we put our focus was the webpage’s internal and then external SEO. The internal SEO was optimized using the Yoast plugin. The external SEO originally outsourced to another company was reviewed by my colleague and myself, and later taken over by us for optimization. 

We also created a library of tutorial videos instructing in the use of the IWCS equipment. Photography of products as well as setup of a studio, and videology was done with my own camera, using my own experience. 

Blog posts, newsletters and articles were also written by me, in my mother tongue of English during my internship. Blog posts are an important way to keep the site alive and growing in googles eyes. I worked closely with the director of the company to make sure that I understood and portrayed his message as close to his wishes as possible. 

We interns were also able to practice creating documents, website and plugin optimization, as well as working in conjunction with a UN global goal ambassader to implement global goals within the company.



We were praised for our hard work and dedication by IWCS. We were also given friendly pointers on how we could up improve ourselves in preparation for a position in a company in the future. I have kept in touch with IWCS after my internship finished, as there is a mutual desire for another possible cooperation in the future. 

Images from IWCS

Level of skill used in this project

Text, posts, images 80%
Custom CSS, theme, WP, plugins 30%
Logo design, Layout, fonts and colors 50%
Intercom equipment found at the Internship with IWCS Denmark

See the finished site

Visit IWCS and see both videos and images that we took for the site. Especially content was our area of expertise. The website was created before our internship by another designer.

Nico Hood

Studying 3D art at Truemax Copenhagen. Finished a two year course on multimedia- design in 2018. I work part time in a health and alternative medicine store. Personal interest is the mysterious, supernatural and unexplained.

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