Work within Photography and videology by Banazir

I do not boast to be a professional photographer or videologer, but the passion is there. This passion makes me experiment, try and learn continuously within this field. My love of these disciplines has catapulted after starting to work within Multimedia design. Now a picture must adhere to a tone or a message. Everything from size to detail to tone must adhere to the project and message at hand. This adds a wonderful new purpose to the art, which stimulates my mind to experiment and push forward. I am excited to see what I come up with as I continue with my education and have more opportunity to use my skills. 

The gallery is split up into groups either year, or place or work/play categories. To make it easier to find your way around. Most photos/videos that are after 2019 are taken with my current camera which is the Sony alpha 7 II, which is an excellent entry level mirrorless full frame camera. I have a standard lens as well as a portrait lens with a set focal length of 85mm and a max aperture of 1.8. 

Older Photography Nikon & Canon cameras

Work related photography

Sony A7 II artistic and private photography