Final exam with Malue Sommer

The hands of Malue Sommer the owner of massaging client

Just finished up my final exam project for the Multimedia design course. The subject was the development of a web page as well as brand image for  good friend of mine. Check out the finished result here.

How did I plan the task?

Originally this final exam project was focused on developing an alternative income for my client during Corona lockdown. Being that my client and friend was a practitioner of massage, makeup and other physical treatments, going was tough during lockdown. Her source of income was reduced if not stemmed completely. Luckily she had the option of offering some excellent online Keto dietary courses as she had just finished a Keto coaching education. So the original goal was to create an online platform to further this goal. 

Design thinking

During the empathy phase of design thinking I conducted many qualitative interviews that began to shape the development of the project. By the time I had reached the second iteration of design both the client and myself were beginning to form an idea that a brand image change was necessary. This really showed the power of design thinking to unearth potential unseen possibilities of change and improvement to a Brand. 

Lets do this!

Though I was half way through the project, I couldn’t resist the unearthing of a Brand development. The client and I sat down and agreed to move in a new direction. This meant that the original Keto dietary course took back seat. I was implemented and a communication was set up with her customers, but the design of the website and future communications with the audience would travel a new road with the new image. 

Level of skill used in this project

Text, articles, images 70%
Custom CSS, theme, WP, plugins 60%
Design thinking, interviews, brand development 70%
The hands of Malue Sommer the owner of massaging client

See the finished site

Visit the finished website to get an idea of the brand, layout and design work implemented during my exam project.

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