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You can either write me with this perfectly well functioning contact form, or go the direct route and copy paste my email address into your own favorite email host. 


Telefon: (+0045) 52666213 (leave a message as the phone is not always on)

    About the author

    To save space lets introduce ourselves right here in the contact page.

    I’m a private person, so I’m not the kind of guy to go all in with personal contact details, and pictures of me from every angel. Who really cares what I look like. There is a picture of me as a kid in the footer, that should wet the appetite. The rest I’m sure can be google somehow. I am slightly paranoid at the idea of hackers and identity theft, so I’m trying to buckle down a bit. I am not a recluse, so if doing business with me, there is of course the option of meeting in person. 

    I will though get into me background, work experience, my life outlook and where I see myself in 10 years etc. 

    Around the world in 41 years

    I was born in east Africa, and moved to the states at the age of 3. I spent my childhood several amazing places in North America until the age of 11 when I moved to Denmark, where I now reside. As an adventurous adult I spent further 3 years in Norway, Spain and Brazil respectfully. I don’t really identify with one race or creed nor culture. I try to keep an open mind and respect as many as I can. This works in my advantage within my field of work. 

    A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

    Lets just  do this quick. I have worked as a postman, I have been in the army, I have been a gas station attendant. Some of these things I loved, some of them I loathed. Not telling which. I educated myself 2 years within ecological farming, and worked for 8 years as a mechanic for Audi. Confused yet?

    Life is strange and a chain of events caused me to make a change again some years back leading me to my current path. I enjoy what I am doing now, but am I done? Probably not. After the summer of 2020 I will be continuing my studies in Digital communication, with the next plateau hopefully being a bachelors degree.