Hostis Veros Vigilat – Showreel

This showreel goes behind the making of the short film Hostis Veros Vigilat. It shows some breakdowns of the work, wireframes of the scenes as well as lighting and rigging setups. It is two minutes long.To see the short film Hostis veros Vigilat of which this showreel is about click…


Bachelor Project

A short film as my bachelor project at Copenhagen Academy of Digital Arts - Truemax. The object was to create a short film in which I created every asset from scratch to explore the work of a human in comparison to that of an AI generator. As there is no…



The poster for HYPHA 14 students from different schools around Denmark and with different specialities where thrown together for 6 months of game making for a semester of games at DADIU.  DADIU is a private initative which students can apply for in which the art of making games is introduced.…


Hostis Veros Vigilat

The true enemy watches This is the final project for the 4th semester at Truemax. It might not look like much, but my goal was to do every part of the production myself from start to finish, within the three week period. That means: Rigging Modelling Rendering Animation etc. The…


Spider man Home Made

This 4th semester project was an exercise in motion capture. We used Rokoko motion capture suits, wrote and planned our own script and shooting and motion capture schedule. We cleaned the data with Motion Builder. The characters and rigs were thanks to Mixamo, and the environment was set up in…


Box and Stone surprise

This was an exercise in animation. We had a month long work shop with a well known Danish 2D animator which hammered the 12 principles of animation into our heads and guided us to these results. It was a great workshop. Box Rolling Stone Software used Maya Contact me!


Missing a Nugget

This was a collaboration project with the Danish company Marionette, with was working on some new motion and facial capture software for the body and face. The background was a fellow students Unreal Engine scene, and the character was given to us, but modelled to look like me. The script…


Long John Chillin’

This was an exercise in modelling a hard surface and texturing. It was one of the first projects we had, and it was he only time we modelled in 3Ds-Max. First we were to model and texture a vehicle of our choice. then we were to add that to a…


Gone in 45 seconds

An exercise in working in a group. Implemented Modelling, animation, rigging, texturing, Unreal Engine and Lighting. Everything from the bottom up was created by a 5 person team over a little more than a month. All elements of the seen hard surface and organic were modelled from the ground up…

A rigged game character in the form of a dog in a scary pose


This was an exercise in modelling within a set poly-count and then rigging texturing and posing the character. The polycount was 15000, and the model was created, textured and rigged in Maya. To test the rig, we were to make 5 poses, each portraying an emotion. the renders are made…


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