Bachelor Project

A short film as my bachelor project at Copenhagen Academy of Digital Arts – Truemax. The object was to create a short film in which I created every asset from scratch to explore the work of a human in comparison to that of an AI generator. As there is no AI generator as of yet that can create a fully animated movie, it was a hypothetical argument.

Everthing is this short film was made from the bottom up. I used no premade models or rigs. I used the software I am used to, but no assets were taken from other places. Even the sound is mixed together from different online sounds I found. The background music is purchased though.

The reason for doing this was to prove to myself that there is purpose in human work. The bachelor thesis was looking at the future of 3D artists with the upcoming AI such as MidJourney and ChatGPT. In order to argue that there is reason in still doing things yourself, I had to make sure that as much of this project as possible was done by hand.

This is the second time I am doing this project, thought the first time I had 2 weeks, and this time I had 4 months. The first version can be seen in my portfolio here. The difference is striking.

Software Used

Substance painter software icon
Substance Painter
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DaVinci Resolve
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Affinity Photo
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