About the author

I have tried many things and travelled a lot throughout my childhood/young-adulthood and it has made me open to experimentation, different cultures and aware of my own weaknesses. 

I have worked in many fields, lately I was a Mechanic for Audi for almost 8 years. I enjoyed the work, and the tempo, but something was missing, and when I started having issues with my back I took it as a sign to move on and follow my dream. 

I have always loved working with creative solutions, and I have never looked back after making that decision to go in this direction. 

It started off slow, but after finishing Multimedia-design in 20, and now immersed in my 3D artist education at Truemax Academy, I feel it all coming together, and I enjoy everday the challenges I meet that help me grow and move further within the direction I have chosen. 

Curriculum Vitae

The Danish Army. Voluntary 11-month enlisting. 5th recon division, Næstved, Denmark. Specialization as mini-group leader, radio and orientation responsible for the group. 

1 year language and volunteer work stay in Belém, Para, Brasil. Worked part time for CVC (Centro de crianca de Voluriacion) which is a home for orphaned and or street kids in the area of Belem in the northern Brasil. Was in charge of activities and supervision of the boys division for approx. 8 months. Learnt also Portuguese to an intermediate level during my stay. 

Worked as a packed, filleting and cleaning employee of the very modern salmon inlet fishery of Marine Harvest A/S. Located two hours by boat of the coast of Trondheim, northern Norway, the small island of Fjellværøya was a natural marvel, and extremely isolated and quiet in the winter months. 

Working part time for a small hacienda in Gohar in Granada, Spain, I was in charge of everything from preparing lunch, chopping wood, General gardening and upkeep of the grounds to small mechanical jobs within the property. 

I also studied the language and was able to achieve an intermediate level of written and spoken Spanish. 

Granada is a beautiful university town, well known for its Arabic quarter, and ancient Arabic castle Alhambra

Farmhand and Farmersmarket employee at Aarstiderne, Humlebæk Denmark. 2 semesters at Kalø eco farmers school Kalø, Denmark. An internship of almost 1 year with a private ecological farmstead close to Århus Denmark. I was in charge of everything from rearing the claves, overseeing and opperation of the feeding stations, as well as ploughing and maintaining the land. 

The automotive mechanic education is 4 years in Denmark, where most of the time is spent as a payed intern with a Automotive workshop. This stay is punctuated with 7 school periods in which all aspect of automotive repair and maintenance is covered. 

Once my internship was finished and I graduated, I was given a full time position at Autohuset Hørsholm, and later was moved to Audi Hørsholm. Both authorized Audi dealers. 

I was in charge of repair and maintenance of all types of Audi automobiles, and was specialized within retrofitting extra options such as tow bars, suspension kits, cruise control etc.  

Multimedia – design is a 2 year university level education that I took at the Lyngby division of Cph-business school in Lyngby, Denmark.

We learnt everything from marketing, to setting up and working within teams, design thinking, design theory, working with all Adobe’s software, coding with Html/CSS/and Java-script, and much more. 

This was a broad reaching education meant to introduce us to the many aspects of digital communication and marketing. There was a strong focus on preparing us for the ever changing Technology and software of the moderne digital marketing age. 

To supplement my economy under my studies and recreate the pleasant experience I have had during my stay at Årstidernes farm market store, I applied and achieved a position at Helsam Lyngby.

To be better prepared I took two courses by the famous Danish alternative nutritionist Frede Damgaard. I achieved a diploma for 1st and 2nd level general nutrition and suppleants. 

I was in charge of sale and upkeep as well as opening, closing and maintaining the Lyngby store. I worked between 12 and 15 hours a week. Towards the end of my stay there I also began to make som promotional videos for the local store, filmed written and acted by myself. 

I am currently enrolled at Truemax Academy in Copenhagen Denmark. 

Within this school I will be introduced to 3d modelling, animation, game animation, worldbuilding character creating, rigging and scripting, as well as many other elements of the computer graphics genre. 

It is a 3.5 year bachelor university education which is acknowledged by the Danish educational system. the school is private and I am in charge of finding a part of my tuition myself.