A tribute to MrBallen

A woman with a red cloak draped over her head. A tribute to mrBallen.

Even though I am from the older generation, sometimes I can learn new tricks. I have always resisted to become addicted to social media, and in particular YouTubers. In the case of MrBallen though I have chose to make an exception. This post is a tribute to MrBallen. 

The art of story telling

MrBallen is an ex Navy Seal and Entrepreneur (EliteMeet.org) which discovered while creating awareness about his business ventures the importance of social media. On a whim one day he decided to share something other than messages around veterans, and stories from the military, and shared a passion of his; Strange and mysterious stories. 

It was here that he became really well known. Not for awesome videology skills, or interesting footage. Straight up for his ability to tell a story, and find interesting and well researched, documented content. 

My thoughts go back to the time when people didn’t entertain themselves by playing app games, or checking their SoMe incessantly. People communicated with each other, told stories, and let their imagination run wild. 

Today you are a fool if you believe anything that cannot be documented by some so called expert, and people with large imaginations and curious minds are shamed into silence. I personally miss getting carried away and imagining that anything is still possible for humans, not only for computers and machines. 

MrBallen AKA John Allen, has the ancient and revered gift of being a story teller. He is able to, with nothing but a simple background and his own mannerisms, captivate and enthrall the viewer. Think of the time and effort saved on CGI budgets and overpaid actors, when all one needs is a good storyteller. 

I personally use more time watching MrBallen and freaking myself out, than watching block buster productions. To be honest, I also feel better off. I have never learned more about caves, haunted houses, demons, deep and dark forests and serial killers than in the last couple months. All documented facts, with no creative rights taken. It doesn’t make me want to cower at home, but go into the forests and dark exciting places of the world, and feel my skin crawl, my heart beat, and feel alive. Below you can see two videos I made on a trip inspired by Mr.Ballen to a small cabin by the woods in northern Jutland, Denmark. (See the cabin here)

Thank God for the existence of mysteries, may they never be extinguished, because alas what a boring world it would be. Thank you MrBallen. 

Two of my own scary videos

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