3D Artwork Stills

I have started a 3 year course in 3D animation and art. As I finish the different projects I will add them to this gallery to share with you. 

Playblast Videos

Playbast is a software that allows you to take quick video snippets of your animations in Maya. the advantage of playblast is that it takes only a few seconds to create a snippet. Where as if one was to render out the individual frames, it would take hours to days. The obvious down side is that the quality is a bit lacking. But for showing general work and progress, it does the job. Enjoy!

Gone in 45 seconds!

A group project from Truemax Academy Cph. the spec of the project was an encounter between to characters. Had to be objects, no humans or animals. There was a time cap of 45 seconds. We had to model, texture and animate all objects and characters from scratch. No kit bashing. 

We were a group of six second semester students and we each took one area of responsibility, but in general we worked as a group. 

We worked in Maya 2021 for modelling , animation and rigging. unreal was used for setting up the scene, lighting and rendering. For post we used Sony Vega and DaVinci Resolve.