5 steps to designing a website

When first starting out one has a tendency to approach a project like this diving as quick as possible into the technical or design element of the process. This is almost always a mistake. No matter how hard it is to resist, take a step back and figure out who…


A tribute to MrBallen

Even though I am from the older generation, sometimes I can learn new tricks. I have always resisted to become addicted to social media, and in particular YouTubers. In the case of MrBallen though I have chose to make an exception. This post is a tribute to MrBallen.  The art…

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Camping at Møns Klint Denmark

When I was in my 20's I took a little walk to Norway. Opening up the adventure lust and fantasies of a wanderer that would last me for decades. This month it was time to reinvigorate that flame. Gotta crawl before you can walk, so I started out with just…


Internship with IWCS Denmark

In order to finish of the education of Multimedia designer from Cph-business in Denmark, it is necessary to complete a 3 month internship at a relevant business of our own choice. After several e-mail correspondences I chose to go with the Danish Company IWCS (Iridium Waterproof Communication Systems). An exciting…


Workout Klub Kokkedal Homepage

Banazir was commissioned to create a homepage for a local fitness club Workout Klub Kokkedal. The task was simple. Make it quick and dirty. This was a fun job because it allowed me to skip some of the documentation and research I usually do, and get a functional site up…


Final exam with Malue Sommer

Just finished up my final exam project for the Multimedia design course. The subject was the development of a web page as well as brand image for  good friend of mine. Check out the finished result here. How did I plan the task? Originally this final exam project was focused…


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