Nicholas Schjaerff Media Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio

This website is a portfolio showing the different work that I have done throughout and after getting a diploma as a Multimedia-designer in 2020. Furthermore I have moved on to start taking a Bachelor in 3D Art from the Truemax Academy in Copenhagen, finishing in 2023. I am also posting my work during projects related to that education in this webpage. 

My goals

I enjoy trying to understand the core message a client is trying to convey. Design and layout, as well as coding and setting up technical solutions to achieve that message. I find it interesting the process of uncovering what the mission of the client really is. A mission they are maybe not even aware of yet. I do this through empathy work and interviews, as well as using some the tolls of the Design thinking process. 

I hope to further development my skills as a digital communicator, as well as my design eye. I hope to further understand and incorporate more of the vast amount of technology that is out there within SoMe, Website building frameworks, Code and now also softwares for 3D modelling and animation like Maya and Unreal Engine.

At some point I would like to end up doing films or documentaries, in which the power of a message is further increased and the working experience is even more detailed and immersive. 

Web-design and 3D work

I have quite a busy schedule while under education, but I am open to some individual projects. I can offer characters and animation, as well as 3D models. I also offer website building; from the bottom up, as well as maintenance and upgrading of existing websites. I also enjoy photography and videology, as they were disciplines I was required to be introduced to in my previous education. So I have the ability to create and edit videos, as well as capture and edit photographs for web or personal use. See some of my work on my Gallery page.

What does Banazir mean?

You might have noticed the name of the website is Banazir. Why you ask?

I am an avid fan of the author J.R.R. Tolkien (see more about Tolkien here). I read his book “The Lord of the Rings” for the first time at 12 years old, and most of the rest of them in the following years. There is a character in that book named Samwise Gamgee. In the Westron language his first name of Samwise would be Banazir. 

Sam is honest and hardworking. He is humble and brave. These are values that I hope to live up to myself, within my work life as well as a private person.